T Breeze is a small resort situated on the west coast of the Moalboal peninsula, south west Cebu, Philippines. The peninsula is entirely composed of old coral limestone, raised above sea level by earth movements. The porosity of the limestone means no surface water or streams, which helps to explain the clarity of the sea water in the Tanon Strait.

The resort is located about 500m south of White Beach, Saavedra. We are about 1km down a side road off the asphalt road 6km from Moalboal town (look for the big Asian Belgian dive center sign on the left then follow the yellow T Breeze signs). We offer a variety of accommodation set in a landscaped garden sloping down to a 55m. wide sea front consisting of a 3m. limestone cliff with stairways down to the water. There is a rock platform which is exposed at low tide. At high tide you can snorkel and see a variety of sea life including turtles if you are lucky.

You will find the location very peaceful and secluded and the resort is intended for customers able to entertain themselves. There are several hammocks, sunbeds and seats. The activities of the surrounding area are easily reached on foot or on wheels (motorbike rental nearby). White Beach with its native style resorts is 500m. north. We can also arrange for a van or tricycle to pick you up and take you to your desired destination – Kawasan Falls is one favourite.

6km south of the resort is the SCUBA oriented resort area known as Panagsama or Bas Diot. We are partnered with Savedra Dive Center in Panagsama – a PADI 5 star and IDC dive shop that offers the full range of PADI dive activities and training. The Moalboal peninsula is justly famous for high visibility, blue water wall diving. The seaward facing coastline is characterized by a rock platform, up to 70m. wide, exposed at low tide and submerged up to 2m. at high tide. At the edge of this platform there are coral gardens before the vertical drop off, initially to 60/70m., then deeper. Waves are only occasionally a problem since the Tanon Strait is essentially a big lake, even if it is a very deep one at 550 m! Offshore is the jewel of local diving – Pescador Island with its walls and caves and varied marine life.

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