About diving in Moalboal

The Moalboal peninsula is a great place to learn to dive or extend your skills. The limestone rocks soak up the rain so there are no surface streams to reduce underwater visibility - 20 metres plus viz is common. The wall drop off - an underwater cliff - that runs all around the peninsula means that it's easy to orient yourself when diving. The West facing aspect means the afternoon sun shines brightly on the cliff and enables stunning submarine photography. There is a wide range of dive shops to choose from both for scuba and the rapidly growing freediving community. This is breath hold diving with no air tank. Moalboal is regarded as in the top five international locations for freediving because of the easy access to deep, high visibility water. We can arrange your diving with the dive shop of your choice and get you there and back.

Dive Site

  • Pescador - Frog Fish

    Pesacador Island

    Probably the best diving spot in Moalboal. Just a 20 minute boat ride out of Panagsama, you can enjoy the beautiful dives around Pescador island. With deep walls full grown with corals, the cathedral cave etc. You will not be bored on this dive spot. Chances to see sharks, but sure frog fishes, schools of tuna, jackfish, barracudas etc.

  • Panagsama - Sardines


    Often referred to as the sardine run. Here we find massive bowls of sardines. When you dive under these, light almost disappears, so big schools they are ...

    If you are really lucky, you can see even a tresher shark hunting these schools, but more often you see tuna, barracuda hunting the sardines ...

  • Stonefishes

    Tuble, Tongo Point, White Beach, Badian Island, Ronda Bay Marine Park and others:

    These impressive divespots are home to an extraordinary array of coral, ferns, anemones, sponges and a swarming host of brightly colored fish. Groupers, turtles and sea snakes are among the common encountered residents. All dives are superb wall dives, with some small caverns and swim throughs, an interesting underwater topography as well as the most colorful reef creatures imaginable. And all dive spots can be reached with a short banca-ride of only 10-20 minutes.

  • Nudibranch

    House Reef

    A deep steep wall in front of the resort, going to about 50 meters deep starting at 10 m deep, fully grown by corals. Before you get there, there is a shallower part full of corals which makes it ideal for snorkeling also. Turtles are all the time around, as they like sunbathing in the shallow part of the reef. There is also a lot of macro like nudibranch, stonefish, ghostpipefish, seahorse etc.

  • Map


    The map of all the dive sites around Moalboal.

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