• Snacks

    Cheesy toasties - wholemeal sandwich with cheese and tomato filling

    Cheeseburger with fries

    Baked potato with topping - butter/grated cheese or tuna

    Egg 'n chips - two eggs with fries

    Calamares - battered squid rings

    Plate of fries

  • Main

    Served with rice or potatos * (mash, baked, boiled or fries) and # salad or peas

    Garlic butter shrimps

    Gourmet sausage (Hungarian or English banger)

    Spaghetti marinara (tomato basil sauce, parmesan)

    Spaghetti carbonara (creamy sauce with bacon bits and mushroom)

    Spaghetti Bolognese (meaty tomato wine sauce)

    Steve's beef lasagna

    Schnitzel (breaded and fried) - pork or chicken

    Breaded fillet of cream dory fish

    Cottage pie - beef and mushroom sauce, mashed potato.

    Sweet and sour fish

    Cecile's speciality chicken mango curry (choose your heat)

    Fried or grilled fish steak - Tengiri or tuna.

    Thai massaman vegetable curry

    Steve's 'perfect' chile con carne

  • Dessert

    Apple pie and ice cream

    Banana split

    Cinnamon roll and ice cream

    Two scoops ice cream

    Mango 'n banana salad

  • Specials

    Ask for BBQ!

    Ask for Philippine dishes!

    Look for our daily specials on the board!

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